After the doctor runs certain tests on you and your partner, you could either be diagnosed as having one or more of the following causes of infertility.

1. Male factor Infertility – This accounts for almost 1/3rd of all the causes of Infertility. There could either be low sperm count, low sperm motility or poor morphology. Depending upon the severity, doctor would recommend either IUI, IVF or ICSI for you and your partner to get pregnant

2. Poly cystic Ovaries (PCOS) - When you are diagnosed with this, most of the time the reason for Infertility is not forming an egg(oocyte) i.e anovulation. Your doctor would recommend ovulation Induction with tablets or injections, follicular monitoring followed by IUI or IVFdepending upon severity and other concomitant factors. It is important that you lose weight if you are diagnosed with this condition. It will speed up the time required for you to conceive

3. Tubal Factor – The tubes could either be one or both sides partially or completely blocked or filled with fluid (hydrosalpinx). Major reasons for blockage are PID (infection) and Kochs. It is imperative that you are adequately treated for same before embarking upon IVF. A hydrosalpinx (fluid in tube) mandates removal of the affected tube laproscopically or either clipping at uterine end so that the infectious fluid doesn’t come retrograde and flush out the good embryos. Pelvic Kochs requires treatment for 6-9 months

4. Endometriosis – This is a condition wherein the uterine glands are inadvertently placed in the ovaries, over the tubes, in the uterine muscle, over the peritoneum causing formation of chocolate cysts, adenomyosis, severe adhesions thus disrupting the tubo-ovarian relationship. Treatment of choice is either IUI or IVF depending upon the severity.

5. Uterine factor – There could be large fibroids or polyps inside the uterine cavity causing hindrance to implantation of embryos and thereby infertility. Laparoscopic excision is the treatment of choice. Congenital anomalies in which there is absence of uterus or unicornuate horn of uterus mandates Gestational surrogacy as treatment option

6. Premature Ovarian failure – Treatment option is donor egg IVF with a very good success rate (around 60%)

7. Unexplained Infertility – If you do not fall into any of the above categories of infertility, then you are labelled as ‘ Unexplained Infertility’, It accounts for 10% of the causes of infertility. Treatment modality is 2-3 IUIs followed by ICSI

8. Poor Responder – If you have undergone previous IVF cycles with poor egg quality or quantity, you are labelled as a ‘Poor responder’. Treatment modalities could either be Mini IVF ,Laser assisted hatching or Donor Egg IVF