Laparoscopy In Mumbai,Ghatkopar

Laparoscopy is the regularly used surgical option for both endometriosis diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

When used solely for diagnosis purposes, laparoscopy is considered to be a fairly minor operation. However, when additional surgical treatment is carried out during a straightforward laparoscopy, then the process becomes more invasive and could then be re-classified as major surgery. Laparoscopy Treatment in Ghatkopar.

This type of procedure is known as key-hole surgery, usually performed under general anaesthetic, and is considered to be one of the lesser types of invasive surgery available at present.

Hospitals will vary in the way they deal with these types of operation. Some will use an out-patient procedure, whereas others will insist on an overnight stay to enable post-operative monitoring. Laparoscopy In Mumbai,Ghatkopar

The Laparoscopy Procedure

Initially, a small opening is made close to the navel, through which the abdomen is inflated with gas. A laparoscope, a long thin medical device, is then inserted into the inflated cavity in order to examine and analyse the abdomen and pelvic area.

As part of the procedure, the body is tilted with the feet raised slightly higher than the head, which permits some of the body organs to lift upwards towards the chest. This, as well as the effect of the gas used to inflate the abdomen, provides a much improved view for the surgeon by moving organs away from the reproductive organs.

The instrument used, a laparoscope, consists of a narrow tube with an incorporated lens. Light is transmitted through the tube and into the abdomen, enabling the surgeon to closely examine the ovaries and fallopian tubes.On completion of the operation, the instruments are removed, the gas is removed and the abdomen deflated, and the incision stitched and dressed, Laparoscopy Treatment in Ghatkopar.

Laparoscopy for Endometriosis Diagnosis

As soon as endometrial implants grow to a realistic size, it is possible to identify them during a laparoscopy for endometriosis diagnosis. When the implants are very small, they may not be visible, so for a precise diagnosis, it is advisable to obtain a small tissue sample, a biopsy, for closer examination under a microscope. This will confirm the presence of endometriosis even when no visible signs of endometrial implants, Laparoscopy Treatment in Ghatkopar.

Laparoscopy for Endometriosis Treatment

As the procedures are the same, if a diagnostic laparoscopy has confirmed endometriosis, the surgeon may continue the procedure, using further surgical skills to treat implants during the same operation. This laparoscopy for endometriosis treatment typically involves a second abdominal incision for the insertion of additional surgical instruments, which enables the surgeon to remove implants, divide adhesions or drain cysts, Laparoscopy In Mumbai,Ghatkopar

A variety of instruments can be used, depending on the technique chosen. Laser treatment can be used to burn endometrial cysts or to remove adhesions, with a major advantage being that the process is accurate, reducing possible tissue damage in the process. Diathermy is another technique that may be used. This procedure uses an electric current to separate tissue, and also to control bleeding by coagulating tissue, especially blood vessels, Laparoscopy In Mumbai,Ghatkopar

In summary, a successful laparoscopy results in less discomfort and a much quicker recovery time than other forms of surgery, but as with any form of surgery, it does carry a certain risk and is not for everyone. Consulting your doctor for advice on options should always be the first move, Laparoscopy In Mumbai,Ghatkopar

Laparoscopy for endometriosis diagnosis or treatment is not the only method available. In fact, many sufferers have chosen to avoid drugs or surgery, and taken to treating endometriosis symptoms using effective, all natural methods,Laparoscopy treatment in Ghatkopar. An informed choice can only really be made once you understand more about the condition and the implications of the possible treatment options.