This is an option for women with ovaries but no uterus. Such a situation could arise because of a congenital anomaly like mullerian agenesis or following hysterectomy.

A standard IVF regimen can be used and the ovum pick up done.

The surrogate mother is prepared as for a frozen embryo replacement cycle with hormone replacement therapy.

In surrogacy, a woman offers the use of her womb for growing a fetus that is biologically not hers. There is clear legal understanding between the two parties.

The two parties sign a legal contract. This is indicated in the following clinical situations In some genetic conditions, like RKHS Syndrome where the woman is born with absent uterus. Her ovaries are functioning and hence her eggs are fertilized with her partner’s sperms. The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate woman’s uterus.

In a woman whose uterus is damaged because of infection especially Tuberculosis infection, or because of previous repeated abortions. In a young woman who had to undergo hysterectomy. The surrogate woman is screened for infections that can get transmitted to the growing fetus. She is screened for VDRL, HBSAG, HIV and HCV.

In our hospital surrogacy, is provided to clients in need. Please feel free to email or call us. We wish to know about your history of treatment. We encourage people who have fail IVF and other treatment and have no option them Surrogacy. There must be a valid reason for option like egg donation or surrogacy. You can opt for Indian Egg donor. We help you to choose your surrogate mother by sending their profiles and pics. But It entirely upon availability of surrogate mother at final stage of treatment as some time you take good time to decide and the other patient has already opted for your chosen mother. After final decision you need to register with us by paying a token fee. We do all legal processing and documentation for hassle free treatment and register in the court to take baby home. In case of Egg donor only husband can come and it can be short visit of a week or so. If you opt for own eggs then it take 4-5 weeks. We develop embryo and if we have good quality of them we can freeze them for second attempt if at all required.

  • We keep in touch with you with your dates.
  • After pregnancy we will keep you informing about the development and progress about child.
  • We have associate doctors to take care of child and mother health and development during the entire process.
  • We take good care of all food, Medical and delivery process and that in under a supervision of a associate doctor.
    It is normally free. Diagnostic hysteroscopy can be done under local anesthesia but when it is combined with a diagnostic laparoscopy ,general anesthesia is used. Operative hysteroscopy is done either under local, spinal or general anesthesia. Office hysteroscopy is a procedure which is performed using a flexible hysteroscope of less than 2mm diameter. This is not painful and it can be done as an outpatient procedure without any anesthesia or under local anesthesia.
  • IVF/ICSI is allowed for patients of all over the world